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Ascendant Customer & Subcontractor Portal

Ascendant is proud to offer our customers and our subcontractors an online portal to gain access to job-related information. Our system can be integrated with a Claims Portal to allow for great efficiency in assigning and providing an immediate response to urgent issues and needs by an Insured. This system will set our group apart from others with its capabilities. You will be able to access all job related information at the touch of a button. Whether you are the subcontractor working on a job or the customer looking for updates on the project, our company portal offers detailed information to answer any questions you may have.


Commuication with Co-Construct Building Software



For Customers

The data readily available to customers will feature everything from customer information to dates, job information, to who will be working as your subcontractor, insurance agent, property manager, etc. All information will be updated often. Other important data that is available are photos updated by the subcontractors themselves so you can follow the progress of the job. This system will give the customer access to information they need, which we hope will help the customer worry less and focus on the more important things. Our top priority is keeping the customer happy and leaving them with no unanswered questions regarding the well-being of their home or property. Notifications such as when a worker will be arriving to the job site are also available to the customer via text messaging.


For Contractors

Our system also offers a free mobile application for smart phones. This app is very similar to the website and offers a worker the option to file for jobs, update job status with notes, dates, pictures, documents and other vital information. By completing simple tasks in the system a subcontractor ranking can increase and therefore allow them to apply for more jobs. This portal also offers the convenience to sign work orders on the computer or your mobile phone and send them back to us instantly to upload to our system. A wide range of other features are available to the subcontractor through this portal.