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Ascendant's core values are to provide an exceptional customer experience while performing unparalleled quality craftsmanship.


Advantages Ascendant Contracting Group provides to our Subcontractors


- Consistent work flow allowing the possibility of expansion to your existing business

- Geographical expansion of your existing business.

  (Ascendant will contract statewide)

- Organized work flow and job sites allowing your business to maximize profits

- Prompt payment structure

- No carrying costs in relation to material overhead

- No allotment of your time for scheduling of material deliveries

- No allotment of your time for securing permits

- Limited responsibility in relation to the onsite inspection process


Ascendant Contracting Group is always seeking experienced subcontractors to join our preferred vendor list.


Our Ascendant Contracting Group Portfolio contains the following and is required to be sent in when applying:


1) Detailed information about what you gain from being one of our subcontractors as well as requirements we have for you as a worker

2) Application

3) Invoicing Procedures

4) Agreement between Contractor and Subcontractor

5) Certificate of Liability Insurance

6) Explanation of Primary & Non-Contributory Insurance as well as waiver of subrogation

7) W9 Form

8) 1099 Form

9) Proof of Workers' Comp Insurance (Certificate or exemption information)


You may email to recieve an application and fax back to our office at 407-930-9331.


Please note that Subcontractors will not be considered for any job without a completed packet.